ABOUT STS - how we aim to present Philosophy uniquely, and why philosophising is vital today

Philosophy is the definition of cool. Space Time Spy aims to show just how exhilarating, relevant, useful and deeply hip a philosophical approach to everyday life can be.

We claim this: whenever one is really amused or moved by something, or finds someone wickedly funny, the reasons for it can be traced to Philosophy. Showing and proving this claim is our mission here at STS.

Now, the Why

Other than being cool, why think philosophically or ‘philosophise’? Why be philosophical? To ask such questions or attempt to answer them is already a philosophical act.

You may have noticed how children launch a lot of difficult queries about life and world — also, the elderly tend to tackle spiritual issues as their mortality hits them. At some point everyone will question their firmest beliefs and very existence, somehow. Along the way, life and art have ways of forcing us to do this.

Philosophy is for people who can’t help investigating their most provocative, most vexing experiences in a proactive way — rather than waiting for crises.

Although the ongoing project of Space Time Spy involves fun thought experiments, it also could be understood as a prolonged elaboration of this statement: a human is an inquisitive, philosophical being.

So, we find it natural to philosophise; the only matter is either to avoid or to accept this act that comes naturally. (Piquing your interest? Welcome to the party.)

How We’re Philosophising Uniquely

Philosophy has been explored by countless people and books for a very long time already. In our case, we’re publishing this blogazine; we’re holding events; and we’re using social media; we’re a particularly youthful community. All of these modes express our intention to share direct exposure to philosophical experience — to wise up, in many new ways.

Philosophising is not only deeply satisfying (literally, ecstatic and euphoric). Artful thinking can bestow many very useful skills including sharper reasoning, discourse, debate, problem solving and a better sense of humour. Doing Philosophy makes us better world citizens, at the very least.

Why Philosophising Is Vital Today

In terms of specific audience, Space Time Spy is focused especially for the younger generations. If anything we just said above is truthful then young people, Millennials and GenX’ers, are in the position to benefit the most at present.

If you are searching for inspiration while the world seems like it’s going to hell in a handbasket, then finding Philosophy can be a panacea and elixir for your mind. Our goal is make philosophising as fun and as pragmatic as humanly possible.